Back Office Services

With the ever growing competition with business competitors corporate executives never have enough time. Even though most choose to focus on strategic areas such as operations, product development, customer relationships and internal leadership the urgent takes priority over important matters. CADENZA BPO provides innovative, efficient and scalable Back Office solutions to manage important non core business processes including finance and accounting, Human resource management, Information technology, medical claims processing and administration. We offer comprehensive consulting services to efficiently restructure and deploy cost effective back office solutions. 
  • Data Processing and Digitization: Converting text & images to electronic form, creating text from other forms.
  • Finance and Accounting: Book-keeping, Billing & Receivables, Payables, Claims Processing
  • Insurance: Applications Processing, Verification, Claims Processing
  • Pre-publishing: Layout, typing, Proofing, Printer ready copies.
  • Legal: Transcription, Deposition Typing, Data Processing, Research, Collections 
At CADENZA BPO, we assist our clients with strategic planning to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved through Back Office outsourcing. We do not just manage outsourced processes but re-engineer and refine the processes. Our services will significantly reduce the operational cost while improving the service quality with aped and productivity.